Long Trail Pages 2022 (paperpack)

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Long Trail Pages

Long Trail Pages currently sells for $15.00 per book.

Book size: 6" x 9" x 0.173" with 84 pages, weighing 5.58 oz.


  • Long Trail Pages is designed for easy use by all variety of hikers: day hikers, section hikers, and long-distance thru-hikers, (NOBO, SOBO, and flip-floppers). Its goal is to assist you to quickly determine your location and surrounding terrain features, and to find nearby re-supply options and other needed services.
  • Easy-to-turn pages with quick identification tabs in the top, outer corners, to help you rapidly find the needed trail data in the guidebook.
  • Easy-to-read descriptions, coordinates, and elevations, with separate North-Bound (NOBO), and South Bound (SOBO), mileage columns, listing 710 data entry points of trail-worthy information, (more than any other Long Trail guidebook), allowing for easy use, no matter what direction you are hiking, NOBO, SOBO, or flip-flop, a unique feature of this guidebook.
  • Quick-reference icons (66), associated with detailed descriptions that allow you to rapidly determine the availability of needed services, at any particular location.
  • City, and town, informational entries, in sequential order, referenced to trail mileage, with detailed, all-to-scale, north-oriented maps, showing the locations of thousands of establishments providing needed services. No need to flip back-and-forth, 2 or 3 pages through the guidebook to locate needed information.
  • Many more trail features: side trails, waterfalls, bridges, scenic views, attractions, road crossings, bridges, power lines, warnings, and much, much more!
  • Over 610 GPS coordinates listed in this guidebook locating shelters, trail heads, road crossings, landmarks, establishments, attractions.
  • Complete Post Office addresses, phone numbers, and GPS coordinates in the town’s listings.
  • Up-to-date elevation profile maps, in easy to read 30-mile sections, displaying locations, with quick-reference icons.
  • Includes the shuttle provider listing, of all shuttle providers along the entire length of the Long Trail, with descriptions.
  • Compare for yourself with other guidebooks. More data and pages. Lighter, thinner, and easier to read.
  • Approach Trails, including profile, elevations, coordinates.
  • Over 60 parking coordinates.
  • Listing of Long Trail resupply locations. Good for pre-hike planning.
  • Hiker Slang, commonly used hiker terms.
  • List of Post Offices.
  • Index in the back of the book listing all shelters, lodges, campsites, trail towns, some hostels and historic places.
  • Index in back of book listing all town maps in the book.
  • Larger icon that denotes what each establishment’s primary function is, followed by the other icons that they offer for services.
  • Many more features, but unable to list all of them here.

Click image to download sample PDF
This is a sample of the Long Trail Pages PDF.
It does not include the entire PDF, but it gives you enough to see what is included in the book.
I have included the entire both the Pine Cobble and AT Approach Trails and from the southern terminus of the Long Trail to Manchester, VT.