WhiteBlaze Pages 2019

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Book size: 6 x 9

WhiteBlaze pages is designed for easy use by all variety of hikers: day hikers, section hikers, and long-distance thru-hikers, (NOBO, SOBO, and flip-floppers). Its goal is to assist you to quickly determine your location and surrounding terrain features, and to find nearby re-supply options and other needed services.

  • Informative icons, descriptions, GPS, coordinates, elevations and mileage. (Both NOBO & SOBO), with each category listed separately in easy-to-read columns.
  • Quick reference icons (59), located to left of the descriptions, and in the descriptions, allows you to easily find what you need, and its availability at that location.
  • Contains over 3,223 mileage points and thousands of establishments.
  • More mileage points than any other Appalachian Trail guidebook.
  • Establishments and their services are listed in order of road crossings or trail heads.
  • Entries, and town information all in sequential order. No flipping 2 or 3 pages forward or backwards, to locate town information, unlike in other guidebooks.
  • Many more trail listings added, such as: side trails, waterfalls, bridges, scenic views, attractions, road crossings, bridges, power lines, and much more!
  • Maps of trail towns, with locations of establishments, all to scale, and in a north-is-up orientation.
  • GPS coordinates to over 400 Appalachian Trail access point parking locations, with parking space capacities listed.
  • GPS coordinates to shelters, well-known landmarks, establishments, and attractions.
  • Up-to-date elevation profile mileage maps, in 30 mile sections, with quick-reference icons in reference adjacent to their location on the trail.
  • Pages easy to turn and trail data readily understood.
  • Post Office addresses listed under towns along with their GPS coordinates.