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WhiteBlaze Pages 2017- Introductory Edition

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WhiteBlaze Pages currently sells for $6.00 per book. With the start of the 2017 thru hiker season coming upon us, I have decided to have a one or two week special.

For each order. Buy the first book and get each additional book for half price, plus shipping.

This is an introductory edition

WhiteBlaze Pages is intended for thru hikers, long distance hikers, and section hikers, wishing to hike on the Appalachian Trail. Its intent is to help you know where you are and what is around you at any given time on the Appalachian Trail, also to find services when you leave the trail for rest and resupply in nearby towns. I have made every effort to make this as up to date as possible, however the trail and its surroundings are constantly changing. If you find any inaccurate or wrong information in this book, I would greatly appreciate it if you would write using the address or email in this book.

Here is a listing of the features:

  • Contains 3,221 mileage points and over 1,600 establishments listed and growing
  • More mileages points, more than any other Appalachian Trail guidebook
  • More listings, such as side trails, waterfalls, parking coordinates, power lines, attractions, and more
  • Mileages north bound (far left column) and south bound (far right column), icons, descriptions, coordinates, and elevation
  • Hundreds of more viewpoints listed
  • Quick reference icons (53), located to left of descriptions, for quick reference.
  • Some of the new icons include; trail intersections/junctions, bridges, power lines, bear cables/box, summits, waterfalls, attractions, road crossings, AT Passport locations, no pets, WiFi, work for stay
  • Establishments and their services are listed in order of road crossings/trail heads
  • Many parking locations and coordinates, coordinates should always get you within eyesight of the parking area
  • Coordinates for shelters
  • Coordinates for well-known landmarks and attractions
  • All coordinates work in Google Earth
  • Up to date elevation profile maps, in 30 mile increments
  • Perforated pages, rip them out and take only what you need
  • Easy to turn and navigate book pages
  • Phone numbers and web url's for every establishment when ever available
  • If any of you remember the old Thru-Hiker's Handbook, this is like that but a lot better.

I have a lot more to add to this book. I did not have the time to put everything in the book that I wanted to in this year’s edition (2017). I will have it 100% complete by the 2018 hiking season. You don't have to worry, the data and everything that is currently in this book is complete and accurate. It has what you need to do a complete a thru hike or section hikes on the Appalachian Trail. Stay tuned for next year’s 2018 book

The reason I priced the book so low was because I am not happy that I did not complete it. I was not able to get all my ideas into the book before the publishing date. I don’t want you to feel like I am giving you an inferior product, which I am not. It’s just lacking some features that I wanted to include.

Sample PDF (Web_sample.pdf, 2,258 Kb) [Download]