WhiteBlaze Pages guidebooks

The different versions of the WhiteBlaze Pages guidebook:
There are 3 versions of the WhiteBlaze Pages Appalachian Trail Guidebook available to purchase.

2021 WhiteBlaze Pages – Printed, Paperback, $10
This is the paperback, black and white, print version. It contains all the correct, basic trail information available when it went to print, but it does not contain the updated features that were developed after the publication date.

2021 WhiteBlaze Pages - Basic PDF, $2 (introductory offer)
This is a basic, downloadable, PDF version of the guidebook that contains all the information contained in the print version. This contains color highlights throughout the PDF to help you locate and quickly identify specific trail features throughout the PDF. There are URLs, emails, phone numbers, and GPS coordinates throughout the PDF. However, since they are not active links, you cannot click on them and have your device open your browser, phone, email program, or GPS device.

2021 WhiteBlaze Pages - Interactive PDF, for Gaia GPS $7
This PDF version is the supercharged version of the Basic PDF version with many added features. All URLs email addresses, phone numbers, and GPS coordinates are active links.
When you click on them, your mobile device will: Open your browser to the website URL.

  • Open your email program with the email address in the ”send to” block for you to email an individual, or establishment.
  • Open your mobile phone with the phone number for you to contact.
  • If you have the Gaia GPS app installed on your mobile device, a click on a GPS coordinate will automatically open Gaia GPS on your mobile device and display a map location of the specified coordinate. If you do not have the Gaia GPS installed, it will open the Gaia GPS website in a browser to display the desired information. Opening with the browser on a laptop, or desktop computer will open the coordinates and show your location on the using the PDF. You will need a device that has data tracking.