Shuttle provider listing for 2021

by Rick Towle

I just finished going through the shuttle provider listing to post on the WhiteBlaze web site.

It took a little longer than usual to get this posted on WhiteBlaze. 
It would have been a lot sooner but as soon as I published my guidebook, shuttle providers started reaching out to me again with changes.
Before I posted this on the internet for the whole world to see, I wanted to make sure it was up to date and accurate.
I reached back out to all the shuttle providers to verify what I had was up to date and accurate.
I can now say that this current listing is up to date.

This listing only lists shuttle providers. It does not list establishments that pick-up hikers at trail heads and bring them to their establishment for the night and back to the trailhead the next day.
This is not considered a shuttle provider.
These are establishments trying to get hikers to stay at their place of business.
A true shuttle provider will shuttle hikers to multiple trail heads up and down the Appalachian Trail. Not just to and from there establishment.

Other guidebooks have these establishments listed as shuttle providers when they are not. These guidebooks are stating that they have over 300 plus shuttle providers listed in their guidebook to try and make their book sound better and to entice people to buy their book.
I really dislike people who are not honest but elaborate on something just so they can make a buck.
I provide this to trying to help the hikers, not to make money. It's not about the money.

You can view the shuttle provider listing here:
2021 Appalachian Trail Shuttle Providers


How do I get on the shuttle list? I am a shuttle provider. BLU BLAZE (470) 660-1427. Thank You

Marti Davis
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