WhiteBlaze Pages PDF V3-4 release

by Rick Towle

Today I have released the latest PDF for the 2021 guidebook book.
WhiteBlaze Pages PDF V3-4 is the latest release.
If you have purchased the PDF, then you can log into the WhiteBlaze Pages storefront and go to your downloads and download it.

I have worked tirelessly on this PDF updating some of the issues that I have found.
The biggest issue that I have found since the first printing of the book on 12/14/20, was that a lot of establishments have closed their doors. The COVID pandemic was the cause of about 99% of these closures. I have been contacting the establishments and trying to find out which ones are still open and which ones have closed.

I have also been upgrading the PDF and adding more coordinates to the PDF.
These new coordinates will be added to the printed version of the 2022 guidebook.
The benefits of owning the PDF, is that you can download the updated version for free, when there is a major update available.
I have added all the new coordinates to the corresponding Gaia GPS files.
I have added over 600 more coordinates.
I have used added some color shading to highlight items in the data section.
Shelters are highlighted light gray.
Post Offices are highlighted light blue.
Hostels are highlighted yellow.
Shuttle providers are highlighted peach.
State lines are highlighted Green.
Profiles are light green.

I am constantly striving to improve this in any way that I can.


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