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This is a sample of the 2021 WhiteBlaze Pages PDF.
It does not include the entire PDF, but it gives you enough to see what is included in the book.
I have included the entire Approach Trail and the Appalachian Trail from Sprinter Mountain to Franklin, NC.

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Here are just a few more features included in the PDF

  • WhiteBlaze pages is designed for easy use by all variety of hikers: day hikers, section hikers, and long-distance thru-hikers, (NOBO, SOBO, and flip-floppers). Its goal is to assist you to quickly determine your location and surrounding terrain features, and to find nearby re-supply options and other needed services.
  • Easy-to-read descriptions, coordinates, and elevations, with separate North-Bound (NOBO), and South Bound (SOBO), mileage columns, listing 4,796 data entry points of trail-worthy information, (more than any other Appalachian Trail guidebook), allowing for easy use, no matter what direction you are hiking, NOBO, SOBO, or flip-flop, a unique feature of this guidebook.
  • Quick-reference icons (66), associated with detailed descriptions that allow you to rapidly determine the availability of needed services, at any particular location.
  • Each shelter location shows the mileage to the next three shelters north, and south, for quick reference.
  • City, and town, informational entries, in sequential order, referenced to trail mileage, with detailed, all-to-scale, north-oriented maps, showing the locations of thousands of establishments providing needed services. No need to flip back-and-forth, 2 or 3 pages through the guidebook to locate needed information, unlike in other guidebooks.
  • Many trail features: side trails, waterfalls, bridges, scenic views, attractions, road crossings, bridges, power lines, warnings, and much, much more!
  • Over 3,300 GPS coordinates listed in this guidebook locating shelters, trail heads, road crossings, landmarks, establishments, attractions, and also listing Appalachian Trail parking locations, with parking capacities listed.
  • Complete Post Office addresses, phone numbers, and GPS coordinates in the town’s listings.
  • Up-to-date elevation profile maps, in easy to read 30-mile sections, displaying locations, with quick-reference icons positioned adjacent to the locations, and complete location information, in bold type, in the accompanying description.
  • Includes an extensive listing of all shuttle providers along the entire length of the Appalachian Trail, with descriptions and shuttle service area map. The most up-to-date listing in publication!
  • Approach Trail, including profile, elevations, coordinates, and Amicalola Falls State Park information.
  • Background colors are highlighted for quick reference to hostels, shuttle providers, shelters, State lines, Post offices, and dependable water sources. Color blind friendly.
  • Contains a separate Hostel listing of all Hostels. Hostels are also listed in their physical locations where you would use them along the Appalachian Trail.
  • Includes a separate Post Office listing, listing all Post Offices, phone number, hours of operation, address, and GPS coordinates. Post Office’s are also listed in their physical locations where you would use them along the Appalachian Trail.
  • Listing of Trail head parking locations.
  • Listing of shelters along the Appalachian Trail.
  • Listing of Appalachian Trail resupply locations. Good for pre-hike planning.
  • Hiker Slang, commonly used hiker terms.
  • URL is displayed on the page (whole URL). There is no clicking on numbers and going to other web sites if you want to see the actual URL, like some other guidebooks.
  • Includes a table of contents. index for the book, and index of maps included in the book.